The Coffee Experience 2014, Sydney

The Coffee Experience 2014, Sydney

I write this as my hands are still shaking from the excessive intake of coffee my body has received over the last 5 days.

On Wednesday the 3rd of September we took off to Sydney to head over to the first year of The Coffee Experience.

Day 1, our first stop was at Workshop Espresso on George Street in the heart of Sydney. This perfect little espresso bar never had a quiet moment, there was always someone new at the counter and the coffee was pumping (not to mention those amazing jam donuts).

Day 2, after a brief meeting in the morning over breakfast, we made our way to the Hall of Industries where TCE2014 kicked off its first day. With around 80 exhibitors, it didn’t take us long to do the rounds and see all the familiar faces; Coffee Works Express, Dolo, Di Bella Roasters, Espresso Connect, Espresso Company Australia and many more.

Day 3, back to TCE2014 for day two, we did all the rounds, then again, then backwards, then again and then one last time. Being one of the smaller and quieter shows in the coffee industry, we had time to sit down and talk with our partners and suppliers to see what big things are coming in the not to distant future. Sorry! We can’t give away too much at this point…

Alright, we’ll let you know about one thing to end this article on a high note… the new model of Wega’s Polaris.

Well, I guess that wraps up our experience (no pun intended).

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