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Wega Espresso Machine

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Wega Coffee Machines are market leaders in coffee production worldwide. The remarkable reliability of Wega Espresso Machines is the reason why so many cafes and fine dining establishments choose the Wega brand time and time again. It is a highly established brand, operating in Italy since 1985, and represents the Italian tradition of espresso coffee machines. Wega ensures high performance and efficiency on each and every coffee machine they produce.

Wega Commercial Coffee Machines are available in fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual versions.

Wega Polaris 2015 Coffee Machine

A coffee machine that attracts attention with its particular lines and soft shapes. There are lots of possibilities for personalising. The electronic version can feature a multifunctional alphanumeric display to set the machine’s date, time, auto on/off, language and “rest” day, as well as to provide a count of total coffees made. The 2 and 3 group versions offer a scroll option: an illuminated scrolling display for messages written ad hoc by the client.

Wegaconcept Greenline Commercial Coffee Machine

Wegaconcept Greenline
Aim high, choose Wegaconcept, the maximum expression of Wega technology in the service of environmental sustainability. A completely new design with clean minimalist lines frame an absolutely innovative, high performance and efficient coffee machine. The nighttime stand-by function, combined with our Multi-boiler and Self Learning Software technology means that the Wegaconcept can obtain energy savings certified at 47,6% on stand by and 30% in operation.

Wega Espresso Machines

For exceptionally high performance coffee machines for your business, Wega espresso machines are the answer. They will stand the test of time and ensure your customers get a real taste of Italian coffee.

Espresso Works is a leading supplier of Wega Commercial Coffee Machines. Contact us today for more information.

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